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 Solidior Ltd. 

We will take  your  business beyond your imagination


Solidior Ltd. is a management services company working with international projects and development  programs. Our mission is to provide impeccable service to SME - size companies on their  way to the international market.


We care about our  planet-earth  and our environment, hence the main business  segments we work with are water- and waste management , renewable energy  and  healthcare services. We specialize on Smart City disciplines in emerging markets and  in countries with rapid urbanization development.

Solidior Ltd. was established in 2009 as a management services provider with its focus on change management, internationalization of SME  companies and business development in selected markets. During the course of time, we have accomplished several turnaround programs, assisted the clients to enter the international market and to establish sustainable operations abroad.
Solidior Ltd.'s target customers vary from internationally operating companies to companies in the "going global" phase,  start-ups, listed companies, companies in the high growth path and companies in financial distress, in challenging situation and requiring a significant change in their financial position, operating mode and market focus.

Solidior Ltd. works  as a network partner in emerging markets with well-known, recognized and  competent partners. We respect high ethical working standards, national cultures and  practices and our uncompromised objective  is to create trust and respect with our clients in the target market and  reach the set goals in all of our undertakings.

Innovative new businesses

Solidor Ltd. assists companies to penetrate new markets with innovative products and services. We focus on water, waste, energy, healthcare and Smart City  offering.   

Business in Emerging Markets

Solidior  Ltd. assists companies in their strategic and operative development processes and projects, with the focus  in Latin America and Africa. 

Improved Business Performance

Solidior Ltd. assists idling organizations and underperforming companies to get back  to the profitable growth path.


Added resource to your growth in  the international business

Ari Virtanen has over 30 years of practical experience in leadership and in strategic and operative management positions in the international market.  He has lived over 14 years on four continents, in six countries and has developed customer or supplier relations in over 70 countries. With a good strategic vision and experience in MNE- and SME-size enterprises, he can accommodate himself in both type of organizations and operations. Ari Virtanen is a certified Turnaround Management Consultant and is specialized in Interim & Crisis Management and Turnaround Management services in underperforming companies, predominantly with an international business scope or in the transition processes towards  international markets.





The human life generates a huge amount of waste and pollution in water, in the air  and on the ground. Urbanization and current methods of energy production, plastics left in the nature and exessive mount of organic waste  are challenging our ability to maintain this planes in living conditions. We are alarmingly rapidly  endangering the availability of clean water from the future generations, in some regions within less than 30-40 years.

The oceans soon contain more plactic waste than fish. The rapid and unmanaged urbanization, uncontolled waste managment and illegal landfills release toxic waste, heavy metals and medical substances to the soil, and ultimately to the  ground waters. 

Mass tourism is providing living to millions of people, yet at the same time leaving ancient tourist atractions with rubbish, beachess covered with plastic bottles and streets filled with packaging materials and worst all all, left-over food and other organic waste to denerate more methane to speed up the climate change.